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Islam in the Classroom: Connecting Schools to fulfill Obama Pledge

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Published on: August 13, 2014

The Muslim Brotherhood has joined up with the Dept. of Education and brought their curriculum online.

A very dangerous movement in public education is the push for online learning in our classrooms. Online learning removes the moral compass of the teacher as students are put in front of computers to be indoctrinated into anything and everything our government wants them to believe.


In 2011, a Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization, The Qatar Foundation International (QFI) partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department to facilitate an online program aiming to “connect all U.S. schools” with classrooms abroad by 2016.

The program called Connect All Schools, is an online interactive learning program that should be concerning in light of the news of atrocities committed by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. Connect All Schools has hundreds of U.S. schools already participating. 

Connect All Schools is promoted as a learning method to internationalize all students. However, parents should be aware that internationalizing your child could be destroying his love of America in favor of globalization and anti-Christian beliefs.

Sponsoring organizations include:

  • One World 2011, described as an ambitious new-age liberal interfaith initiative associated with hardcore Islamist groups including the Islamic Society of North America;
  • Global Nomads Group with partners that include the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, a new age group called The New Earth Foundation and several pro-Islamic groups including The Qatar Foundation.

The official White House explains the initiative was founded in response to Obama’s call in his June 2009 speech to the Arab world in Cairo, Egypt, to “create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo.”

With the start of school across the nation, I encourage parents to visit their school and ask questions about any and all programs that are planned for their child’s participation this coming school year. Demand an opt-in notice for all programs that aren’t part of the standard curriculum. Don’t be surprised if your school administration isn’t completely forthcoming. Consider that the only way to truly know what your children are learning is to resume parental authority over their education and remove them from the grips of the government control.

This is Part Two in a three part series. Click here to read Part One.

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