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Muslim Brotherhood Dissolved by Egyptian Court

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Published on: August 12, 2014

Again, it looks like Egypt has more brass than the United States. While Obama is installing advisers who are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt has not only declared the organization to be a terrorist organization, but has now dissolved them as a political party.

The Associated Press reports:

Egypt’s administrative court on Saturday dissolved the political party of the banned Muslim Brotherhood and ordered its assets liquidated, the state news agency reported.

The decision against the Freedom and Justice Party comes after a recommendation by the court’s advisory panel that noted the party’s leaders had already been accused, and in some cases convicted, of murder and inciting violence.

The recommendation added that the police investigation stated the party headquarters and offices were used to store weapons.

The Middle East news agency said the decision is final.

The ruling effectively dissolves the Freedom and Justice party, which is the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This, of course, should be the next step in dealing with the Islamic organization.


Back in December, Egypt declared them to be a terrorist organization even while the Obama administration was vacillating over whether or not to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The irony is that Obama’s own DHS advisor, Mohamed Elibiary is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, who was sitting on the panel to determine if the Muslim Brotherhood should be labeled as “terrorists.” Talk about conflict of interest! This is the same guy that claims “Islam is the best antidote to terrorism.”

However, the ruling was not all that occurred. According to the BBC:

Saturday’s ruling by the Cairo Administrative Court came after a report by its advisory panel that noted the FJP’s leaders had been accused, and in some cases convicted, of murder and inciting violence.

The court ordered that the FJP’s assets be handed to the state.

While this is good news, it must be kept in mind that the organization’s members are still free to run as individual candidates or form a new political party. This means that those who were once deemed a part of a terrorist organization can go free and continue to seek office in Egypt and even form a new political party, one that will be, no doubt, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps even financed by Barack Hussein Obama’s brother, Malik.

Meanwhile, new legislation titled “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2014” is being advanced by Rep. Michele Bachmann. Contact your representatives and let them know you support such legislation to eliminate the infiltration of these devils from the federal government.

Remember Mohammed Morsi? The former attempted Pharaoh of Egypt is now facing four criminal trials on a host of charges.

The Muslim Brotherhood Party was formed in 2011 after the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, but was ultimately overthrown by the people and the Egyptian military in 2013.

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