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It Is Resisting Death, Not Resisting Arrest!

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Published on: May 27, 2020

Many people by now have watched the tragic death of George Floyd. They claim George Floyd was resisting arrest. However pleading for his life, and thrashing around as cops kill him is really resisting death. Tim Brown has done a great job of reporting on it, so if you want the specific details, here is the link to Tim’s article.

What I am going to write on is why what I saw does not surprise me. I have had been around law enforcement people for a long time. I have had many law enforcement people as friends. One of the things that we do not mention very often, is we know that there are hot heads that do bad things in law enforcement. The cop in the video is a perfect example of a hot head that was going to do what he wanted, no matter what happened. It makes me wonder how many other people have died or have been injured because of that monster, a monster that unfortunately was also allowed to be a cop.

What I believe the monster, who should not have been allowed to be a cop, was doing in the video was stopping George Floyd’s blood flow through his neck. The brain can only go about 3 to 5 minutes without oxygenated blood without suffering major brain damage. After that time, the cells in the brain die from lack of oxygen. The carotid arteries which are located on either side of your neck provide your brain with the oxygen-rich blood it needs to function properly. Watch the video and see how the cop’s knee was pressed as hard as he could into the side of George Floyd’s neck. I highly doubt that the officers, who use the knee in the neck procedure, would learn the procedure without learning that it can stop blood flow to the brain. This cop held his knee in George Floyd’s neck for about 7 minutes. That appears to be double the time needed to cause brain damage. 

It does beg the question, how does a cop become so bold in his brutality that he kills a man while being videoed? The cop is likely to play dumb and say he did not have the slightest idea that stopping the blood flow to the brain causes brain damage. This cop was able, now in front of millions of people who watched the video, to destroy George Floyd’s brain as if he beat it with a baseball bat. That cop did that kind of damage with that many witnesses, and he will likely play dumb and cheat the system.       

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In my article “Make America Great Again,” I explained the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. What was necessary to save George Floyd’s life was one of the other police officers to enforce the law and force one of their own police officers to stop killing a man. 

There is a terrible problem of our government not being able to obey the law. Our government only attempts to enforce the law. This is shown in the judges that do not follow the law because they interpret the law and therefore, make rulings that do not follow the law. This is shown in judges who cruelly scold single mothers for going to work in violation of the COVID-19 lockdown while the Constitution clearly does not allow the government to force people to starve. 

The video of the cop’s knee in George Floyd’s neck is an unfortunate visualization of the COVID-19 economic madness. Governor Walz and other evil elected officials have their boot to the throats of the American people. Look at the cop’s face in the video.  Notice his smug attitude of “nobody will tell me what to do” regardless of the harm he causes. Then look at Governor Walz’s face when he speaks to the public and notice he has the same “nobody will tell me what to do” look, regardless of the harm he causes. 

In my article “Calling All Cops & Sheriffs, Deputies, & All People Responsible to Enforce the Law!” I explain why law enforcement needs to start enforcing the law, even if they have to enforce it against the governor or themselves. If they do not enforce the law, the people who want justice for George Floyd will likely, ignore the law, to enforce the law. All the people who are going to condemn the rioters, you need to ask, what hope do they have for justice any other way?  You have no idea how broken the judicial system is. Look at how a judge expects a single mother and her children to go hungry because he thinks he can make it illegal for her to go to work and buy food. If we do not change things, we deserve the riots. 

It is necessary to stop screaming “racist.”  The black people that make this about race are preventing a lot of support from white people. This cop may have brutalized many people to become bold enough to kill someone while being videoed. This cop may have brutalized white and black people. We need to stop violence against everyone. We need to work together. They are getting the black people to scream “racist” to prevent them from getting support.

They deserve our support.  It is time to work together.  It is time the government obeys the law before it tries to enforce the law.

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