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Mimicking Communism Through Education Legislation

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Published on: March 11, 2020

In this episode of Rotten to the Core Wednesday on Sons of Liberty radio with Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor, we go over several documents and a 1989 video from Senator Lamar Alexander where we show that the global agenda to pus a communist-style indoctrination system is in full force in the US. Yes, no matter the political jersey that is being worn, the same agenda advances forward, mainly pushing an unlawful, unconstitutional, communist-style education system upon the people and their children. Sadly, too many have been balkanized to the point that any criticism of the current administration, no matter how egregious their crimes against the people and Constitution, is seen as hatred. It’s time the people return to the command of their Creator, the giver of rights, and educate their own children and fight back against the beast and obey God.

Articles, documents and visuals from this episode.

Sen. Lamar Alexander’s 26-page Report for provisions to be embedded. IF you read them, the tone from decades ago will run through your head (the grabbing of the babies and the moms).

Sen.’s Report link: the archives, I found the “Road to Charlottesville” Education Summit. It’s in this history we can find the meeting Alexander spoke at (You Tube above)
In this 62 page report: Page 4 (The NEA was awarded for its increase in political activity with the creation of the U.S. Dept of Ed under Pres. Carter),

Page 7, the 7 “Southern” governors considered to be national movers/shakers in ed reform, Alexander (TN), Clinton (AR), Hunt (NC), Graham (FL), Kean (NJ), Riley (SC), and Winter (MS). *Note: almost every one of these are CCSS Machine members (if still alive)//The South was a special target of these meeting as it was somehow not as advanced as other regions of the US.
Page 14. a Report by Alexandar and James was key to the NAEP (National Assessment for Education Progress) (Now CCSS aligned to global UN garbage) being inserted in the ESEA and ESSA.
Page 17, see the last 2 paragraphs
Page 18, the NGA and CCSSO join forces (will go on to own the CCSS copyrights)
Page 19, SREB joins the ed reform efforts of Page 18.
Pages 20, 21: SREB 12 ed goals (which have been recycled many times nationally since then)
Page 23, Pres. Bush as “ed pres” (Remember NCLB?)
Page 25, NGA’s education goals (very similar to SREB’s). These goals were a national attempt to carry out Bush’s campaign promises for ‘ed pres’.
Page 26, Dir. of Policy Development under Bush (Pinkerton) stated the President selected Gov. Lamar Alexander as the education summit coordinator.
Page 30, Mentions Nation at Risk Report and a memo “2002: A Nation of Learners”
Page 34, entire middle of the page
Page 36, Gov. Clinton’s ed goals (Remember Goals 2000?)
Page 40, the Charlottesville Summit national education agenda.
Link: Bush, as a former BRT (Business Round Table) member, was successful in getting the BRT to focus on education reform. (As we know, now, the BRT came out early in full support of the CCSS and is aligned to the UN and SDGs.
Link to the Google book where this is stated (Pages 98 and 99):

Also, this document from the US Dept of HHS about gov’t run mental health in Communist countries. Which we are almost 100% completely following NOW.

The Mental Health Policies in Europe (largely UN based) we are seeing in the US.

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