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Tommy Robinson Speaks Out On The Sexual Assault Of His Daughter As Officer Overseeing Case Is Removed

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Published on: March 10, 2020

In the United Kingdom, Tommy Robinson has been a brave voice speaking out about the Islamic invasion, creeping sharia, and the rape gangs brought by Islam into Britain.  He has faced imprisonment, threatened for his freedom of speech and received numerous death threats.  However, recently his little girl was targeted by a pedophile who sexually molested her at a Center Parcs swimming pool.

The update to the story comes from Infowars, along with several bits of video evidence and responses by Robinson.

Tommy Robinson gives a quick update on how Bedfordshire Police are handling of predatory pedophiles and sexual molestation of his little girl by a middle-aged Asian male at a Center Parcs swimming pool.

Talk radio presenter Mike Graham used his social media platform to publicly rubbish and downplay the authenticity of the sexual assault.

Mainstream media are a disgrace, they would sooner leap to the defense of a pedophile over an eight-year-old victim.


Because of her daddy’s politics?

Or is there something more to this?

Watch Robinson’s phone call with the officer who was previously overseeing the case:

See the original encounter between police and Robinson on the day of his daughter’s assault:

So, stand up for the people of Britain and you get arrested, incarcerated, threatened and shamed, but if you are a criminal in Britain and seeking to undermine the culture, molest little girls, rape British women and impose Sharia, you are more then welcome.

No wonder Robinson was so upset with the police. They have become nothing more than agents of the tyrannical state there.

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