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More Detroit Skulduggery: 3:30 AM – Van Full of Votes the Day After the Election

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Published on: November 9, 2022

The Gateway Pundit has exclusive video and photographic evidence that the City of Detroit in Michigan was collecting thousands of ballots significantly after the legal deadline in 2022. This video is from the Detroit Department of Elections at 2978 West Grand. Ballots are processed there, entering and exiting through the garage in the alley behind the building.

“Michigan polls closed at 8:00PM yesterday, election day 2022. The results strongly favoring Democrats shocked the pollsters and prognosticators, who all predicted some degree of a ‘red wave’ that never materialized.

The results directly conflict with the perception by many campaign professionals, pollsters, and those in the media that were predicting strong Republican gains

…… Republicans in Michigan even made it easier to cheat by allowing clerks two extra days to ‘process’ ballots, giving potential bad actor clerks more time to cheat. This is in addition to the widespread observations of major problems with voting machines.”

Once Again Detroit Sees an After Hours Van Full of Votes the Day After the Election

By: The Billings Report,November 9, 2022:

Why did the Detroit voting center need another late-night vote to drop the day after the election??

In 2020 a van filled with votes mysteriously appeared after the 8:00 PM deadline for receiving votes that lead to a victory for the Democrats. But, instead of the drop coming at 3:30 AM after the election, this drop was made at 1:22 AM on November 9th, the day after the election, even though the city had 2 additional days this year to 5resolve the ballots ahead of election day. Where did these votes come from?

In 2020 this is the 3:30 vote drop:

The polls closed at 8:00 PM on November 8th and that should have been all the votes for this year’s election. In addition to widespread problems with voting machines, a late-night van full of votes arrived at 1:22 AM the day after the election. This is despite the fact that the state was given two extra days to process the votes. Where did these votes come from almost 5 1/2 hours after the deadline?

From The Gateway Pundit

The journey of a ballot once cast by a legitimate and legal voter is supposed to be the collection in a poll box, delivery to the clerk who then verifies the voter is a registered, legal voter in the state’s Qualified Voter File, known as the “QVF”, the signature of the voter is checked against the one on file, and the ballot is checked for any defects. City of Detroit whistleblower Jessy Jacob came forward in 2020 to say that there were no ballots that had to be processed after 9;00PM on election night because the process was so quick for the few remaining ballots that came in close to the deadline.

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Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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