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No Matter What Government Or Big Business Says, Freedom Isn’t Determined By Which Big Pharma Chemicals Are In Your Body

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Published on: August 5, 2021

It’s absolutely amazing to me that people claim they don’t trust their government, the media and now even many of the corporate owned retail outlets.  Yet, they are more than willing to bend the knee and put on a face diaper or even take a deadly poison into your body so you can “shop” or go to a concert or or other event.  But that’s not freedom, it’s slavery.

Chris Rossini writes about this very thing at Ron Paul’s Liberty Report and I think it worthy of your consideration.

Isn’t it amazing how “15 days” of sacrificing freedom has led to a downward spiral into the abyss?

Benjamin Franklin did warn us when he said: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Was he not clear enough?

When you give up your Liberty, you give up your Life, for they are one and the same. Humans have the inherent freedom to choose. We are not automated robots. When you give up your freedom, those who assume it will attempt to turn you into an automated robot…their automated robot. 

They say. You obey.

The wolves must get your consent first. So they dress themselves up in sheep’s clothing and present you with a sweet and innocent opening wedge: “Just give us 15 days…that’s all.” 

You can give your freedom away on the cheap. You get the sale price. Give your freedom away for a measly “15 days.”

Once that opening wedge is granted your consent, the dam is broken and a deluge of tyranny is unleashed on you.

The deluge of tyranny is extremely fast and furious. You’re tossed around, banged around, and battered like a car swept up in a tsunami. Nothing makes sense anymore. Everywhere you look, you see and hear lies, and you’re completely disoriented.

Now that your freedom has been compromised, the tyrants dangle it in front of you like the rabbit in a greyhound race.

They’ll have you chase that rabbit, and make sure that it’s always out of reach, no matter how fast you run.

“Oh, you want your freedom back? Meet this condition, and then you will be free.”

So, naively, you meet the condition. You obey.

But guess what? 

The tyrants were lying. 

Why? Because tyrants lie. You should know that.

Sure, you met the condition…You obeyed. But the terms of the deal have changed. Now a new condition has been added. Now you must meet another condition in order to have your freedom back.

Go ahead, chase the rabbit.

Naively, you obey again.

But once again, your freedom is denied. Another condition has been added…and another…and another.

Eventually, enough time passes by that your obedience becomes a habit. You’re being trained to obey. You start to realize that you’re not getting your freedom back. 15 days becomes another week…another month…another 6 months…Then you start to hear that it’s forever!

Benjamin Franklin was right.

The lessons of history were correct. 

Freedom doesn’t come from other human beings, but slavery does. Government can’t make you free, but it can make you a slave.

The Declaration of Independence was right: Freedom comes from our Creator.

Downward the spiral goes, and another mile marker into the abyss is reached… 

In America’s largest city, New York City, freedom is to be determined by the Big Pharma contents of your body.

What you can and can’t do in America’s largest city will depend on which Big Pharma corporate chemicals are flowing through your bloodstream!

The Big Pharma chemicals that flow through your body are not to be determined by you, but by the government.

If government deems that more Big Pharma contents are necessary, then in order to have your “freedom,” you must roll up your sleeves again.

This begs the following questions? 

Is it even your body anymore?

Have you lost the sovereignty over the one (and only) body that the Creator has blessed you with, and given you complete control over? 

The answer, sadly, is yes. 

Control over the contents of what is in your bloodstream has been granted to other human beings. They are out of your hands now.

Go ahead, chase the rabbit. Roll up your sleeves.

Is this what the inhabitants in the “Land of the Free” want? 

Are Americans willing to become automated robots, with no control over the contents of their own bodies? 

Are Americans willing to become the playthings for the amusement of other human beings?

This writer is optimistic that the answer is “NO.”

This writer believes that the burning desire of Life to be (and remain) Free cannot be completely conquered. It can be battered, beat up, and bruised, but not conquered.

If this writer is correct, then Americans better open their mouths and learn to speak the word “NO,” as loudly and as clearly as possible…and they better do it fast!

One thing we know is that we never authorized the federal government to be involved in either science or healthcare.  There is no Article, Section or Clause in the US Constitution that specifically delegates that to DC.  Therefore, according to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, those RIGHTS are reserved to the People, and the states.

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