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Obama & Co., Activists Have Cultivated Completely Irrational Black Following

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Published on: December 30, 2014

So… apparently, police officers in the United States are now expected not only to avoid contacting black suspects and to refrain from using deadly force in appropriate situations – now they are expected to essentially sacrifice themselves to armed gunmen.

I am of course referring to the case of Antonio Martin, the black 18-year old who was shot and killed by a Berkeley, Missouri police officer after pointing a handgun at said officer on December 23.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The result? A crowd of about 300 people gathered at the gas station where the shooting occurred, and began throwing rocks and bricks at the establishment and police. Demonstrators took to the streets in the following nights, and briefly blocked traffic on Interstate 170 during a march before returning to the station. Six to eight people were arrested, according to Berkeley Police Chief Frank McCall.

“All of us are saying the same thing: ‘It’s a white policeman killing a black man, and when does this stop?’ I can assure you that is not what happened last night,” Berkeley Mayor Theodore Hoskins said in a Wednesday press conference, according to the Associated Press.

When does this stop? That’s a good question.

Perhaps a better one is when will the political left, the Obama administration, and career activists stop advancing the narrative that since America is so racist, blacks have a right to be violent, and to engage in criminal behavior; further, that the racist police who enforce the status quo have no right to intercede?

Because this is precisely what has occurred, although perhaps surprisingly, this is nothing new. As I laid out in my book, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession, this has been a mainstay of the left’s cultural balkanization of America; their malignant policies with regard to black Americans are the most effective devices they have  implemented, bar none.

Since Barack Hussein Obama took office, however, all of the machinations have been from the top-down. Building on nearly 50 years of institutional economic compromise, sabotaged education, victimization, entitlement, and propaganda, Obama and his surrogates ramped-up and amped-up all of the negative rhetoric, cynicism, resentment, and anger that had been simmering in black communities. And we can’t leave out the economic factor: Black unemployment under Obama has risen, and his economic policies have acted as nothing but an impediment to the upward mobility of black Americans.

Which, as you’ve probably figured out by now, is by design: Obviously it’s a lot harder to get happy, prosperous blacks to riot at a moment’s notice than miserable, destitute ones.

The current manifestations of this phenomenon are surreal to say the least, and speak to the furtive community organization tactics that have been brought to the fore: Participants in the ongoing and overstated protests on the behalf of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have been inordinately violent considering the lack of a racial component in their respective deaths. Despite the lack of a racial component – other than the incidental disparity between the police and the decedents, that alone was enough. A black individual dies at the hands of a white cop, and the circumstances don’t matter: It’s police profiling, and it’s murder.

We can see that now even more clearly in the case of Antonio Martin. It matters not one bit if he drew down on a police officer: He was black, and the cop was white, so there’s going to be hell to pay. Barack Hussein supports this position; despite his condemnation of violence, his rhetoric has been uniformly cynical and inflammatory, only serving to validate blacks’ inordinate resentments. In his policy, and in his support of provocateurs, his true sentiments are revealed.

What’s truly frightening here is that so many black Americans have bought into the lies. Agitators and thugs notwithstanding – I am speaking about those people from all walks of life who don’t even believe the truth when they hear it. Those who are willing to join the protests and adopt the meme – whether a single mother from Ferguson, “hands-up” demonstrators in Oakland, or NBA star LeBron James – are either not possessed of the facts in the deaths of Brown and Garner, or they no longer care about those facts in light of the incidental racial component.

Yes, we can cite personal responsibility in the case of young black men behaving badly, and we can criticize blacks for the manner in which they raise their children, as many have. But when you have a dedicated political machinery in place that seeks this objective, and “trusted” black civic leaders who have been deceiving their constituency for decades for their own self-aggrandizing ends, one could argue that many black Americans barely have a chance to recognize the truth, let alone take advantage of their own personal potential.

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