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Republicans Fail to Stop Tyranny once Again – Are They Even Trying?

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Published on: March 1, 2015

Over and over, we have seen the same results. Every time this president has been faced with a fight with Republicans in Congress, he wins. He does this simply by being able to stand his ground and winning the public relations game. It also has to do with the way the Democrats decide policy. It matters little to them what the law is or what the Constitution says. They seek to use felt needs to remake this country.

Now, once again, the Republican leadership has been unable to stick to their guns.

Fox reports:

After a dramatic and chaotic day of votes, Congress late Friday approved a stopgap bill to keep money flowing to the Homeland Security Department past a midnight deadline and avert a partial agency shutdown — though Congress is no closer to a long-term deal.

The problem is that these men are more worried about their careers and public perception than they are the good of the country. They are afraid to let DHS shut down and leave us vulnerable to terror attacks.

Fox adds:

“There are terrorist attacks all over world and we’re talking about closing down Homeland Security. This is like living in world of crazy people,” tweeted Rep. Peter King of New York, a former chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Now, just as with the government shutdown in 2012, we are faced with another legislative fight. But it is a fight that many are rightly saying is already lost by the GOP. And it is sad to realize that a GOP-led Congress fights as well as the Italians in WWII. There is a lot of smoke and yelling, but in the end, they run.

To be clear, there are those who are determined not to vote for any funding that includes provisions for the president’s edict concerning illegal immigrants. Yet, no matter how valiant and steadfast these men stand, they most surely will stand alone. The Republicans have not the courage to do what is needed.

Some would say that there is really nothing that they can do. The Democrats filibuster in the Senate and they are losing in the media. Well, Charles Krauthammer had a strategy to get the bill to Obama and reverse the narrative, but they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do it.

Krauthammer writes:

Reid went first. Time for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to finish the job. Push the button. Abolish the filibuster.

Then immediately pass the House homeland security bill and send it to the president. He is likely to veto it, but the politics will have been radically changed. The current story line is: Republican Congress won’t fund DHS, threatening to shut it down. New story line: Obama vetoes funding for DHS, threatening to shut it down.

This plan would work, but it will take some gumption to pull it off. This is the problem. I think you have to turn in that part of you that produces gumption when you join GOP leadership. We, as citizens, have to hold our representatives’ feet to the fire, in both the House and Senate. What Obama did was illegal and immoral. He must be stopped, so they must do their jobs. We should at least make them act like they’re trying.


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