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Roe v. Wade – Abortion Is Not the Law of the Land and Here is Where Protesters need to Protest

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Published on: September 21, 2015

Many thousands of very well-intended people march on Washington to protest the ruling of the Supreme Court known as Roe v. Wade. While I respect them immensely, I believe they may be marching in the wrong place.

It is generally taught and generally thought that this 1973 ruling made abortion “legal” in America. This is NOT TRUE. Let me repeat this. Abortion was not legalized by this or by any other decision of the Supreme Court or of any court. Abortion was murder prior to the case of Roe v. Wade and abortion is murder still.

Let me give you two simple reasons why this is so:

Reason #1: The Law of Nature and Nature’s God, which is operative in all the earth and during all times, specifically forbids the taking of innocent life. (Please see Exodus 20, verse 13.)

Reason #2: The Constitution doesn’t grant any court the authority to make law. So the Supreme Court has no authority to “legalize” anything. Judges can only render opinions that apply only to the parties before them. So, the ruling – the opinion – in Roe v. Wade applies only to Roe and Wade and to no one else.

It’s just that simple.

The confusion has come because the government and the media want you to believe that the courts have powers and authorities that they don’t have. And Roe v. Wade is a striking example of this deception. So, I am saying that the laws against abortion still exist and they still apply. They are just not being enforced by local prosecutors.

My suggestion, therefore, is to stop marching on the Supreme Court and start marching on prosecutors all over the country who can and should indict and prosecute those who commit murder in our communities.

And prosecutors… please… look at your own children, and do your duty to stop the murder of others!

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