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Rumble To Joe Rogan: We’re Offering You $100,000,000 To Join Platform & Bring Your Viewers

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Published on: February 7, 2022

As crazy as it sounds, it’s absolutely true.  During all the nonsensical reactions to The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify by washed up singers and no-name singers, Joe Rogan was just offered $100 million over 4 years to come to the platform and bring his “legions of fans” with him for “real conversation.”

Chris Pavlovski, the CEO of Rumble, sent a letter to Rogan on Monday making the offer.

Though Spotify tried to act like they stood for free speech, something I spoke about recently on The Sons of Liberty Radio, the fact is that they are already showing signs of caving in to the public pressure.

Spotify is made up of the same spineless, weiny roasted pansies just like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.  They not only deleted more than 100 of The Joe Rogan Experience, but their CEO even apologized for hosting him.

Frankly, it’s incredible to me that a company would offer a man $100 million to join their platform, but I suppose there is money to be made there and as long as Rumble will be a free speech platform, people should support it.

No one can really claim the Rogan doesn’t cover the spectrum of worldviews either.  However, that is also part of his downfall, as we have pointed out that he seems to wish to cave to a few things himself.

We’re already on Rumble, so be sure to join us!

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