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Sharia UK: Labour MPs call for Franklin Graham to be banned from UK ahead of visit

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Published on: December 10, 2017

Muslim and left-wing politicians are urging the home secretary to refuse UK entry to Franklin Graham.

The UK, once admired for its Churchillian defense of freedom in the face of bombings, bloodshed and the blitzkrieg. Today, the UK is infamous for just the opposite: stunning capitulation to the most extreme and brutal ideology on the face of the earth, sharia. While the UK welcomes the most vicious hate-filled Muslim preachers and jihad inciters onto their shores, they have banned the likes of me and are currently working to ban the righteous Franklin Graham.

Stunning. The left has all but destroyed that country and the whole of Europe. The red/green axis working to destroy our very way of life.

Franklin Graham is accused of “hate speech” for remarks about Islam. They also mentioned his remarks about gay people, but I have to see the UK ban any imams for their genocidal exhortations against gays. It’s all about Islam.

What do you think comes after bans?

Afzal Khan, the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton, said he was concerned about the prospect of Graham sowing division in the UK. “His views are not welcome, and I will make representation to the home secretary if it looks like he is intent on coming,” he told the Guardian.


By Marcus Jones, Premier, December 9, 2017:


MPs call for Franklin Graham to be banned from UK ahead of Blackpool visit

A number of MPs have added their voice to the growing concern over an upcoming visit to the UK by US evangelist Franklin Graham.

Over 5,000 people have signed a petition stating he shouldn’t be allowed into the country.

They claim he has homophobic and islamophobic views and is “likely to promote prejudice and hatred”.

The preacher, who’s the son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, is due to speak at Blackpool’s Festival of Hope at the city’s Winter Gardens in September next year.

But after recent endorsements of Donald Trump and what has been seen as inflammatory statements about Islam, many are unhappy about the visit.

Labour MP Gordon Marsden is calling on the home secretary to refuse him entry into the UK.

Speaking to BBC Lancashire, he said some of his previous comments were “incompatible with what Jesus said in the Bible”.

His visit is however is being supported by many local church leaders.

Franklin Graham has led evangelism events across the world in his role as president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

He’s also reached millions of people through his aid work with the charity Samaritans Purse.

In a statement to Premier, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association said: “The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is working in partnership with local churches to hold this event next year in Blackpool.

“It will be a positive and encouraging event with music and also a message from Franklin Graham about the hope that can be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It will be free and everyone is invited to attend.”

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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