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Surfside Building Collapse – Structural Engineer Provides A Response: The Collapse Of The Building Is Not Consistent With Its Design (Video)

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Published on: June 30, 2021

Structural/civil engineer and wife of The Professor’s Record’s David K. Clements, Erin, says that in her professional opinion the building that collapsed in Surfside a few days ago was not the result of any structural damage nor a sinkhole.

Erin has spent 17 years as a professionally licensed structural/Civil engineer and takes time in a brief video to explain how the buildings are constructed and why a collapse like this just does not happen because it’s designed not to happen.

She takes on the sinkhole theory and demonstrates that is not what occurred.

In fact, she points back to a report from 2018 where the re-inspections took place of the building and recommended repairs were roughly $900 for minor repairs and some leaking seals around glass doors.

Controlled demolition seems to be what we witnessed, not some mysterious collapse, but why?

In a previous interview Clements did with White Hat Hacker Joshua Merritt, they played a video of a local press conference in which one reporter asked about whether Pat McAfee lived in one of the apartments in the building to which the response was “I don’t know.”

You can pick that segment up around the 1:09:00 mark below.

Is it possible that this demolition of this building and the lives lost were to cover something up? It sure does smell like 9/11 to me.

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