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Their Narrative Fell Apart Long Ago: Not Only Are The CDC, The Who, The Military, The Frontline Health Workers Refusing The Jab, But So Are NIH Employees! (Video)

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Published on: May 25, 2021

“If this is not the end all of what it is that people need to hear and to see, then what else can be said?”

It’s one thing when a portion of the people refuse something that these companies and agencies may be selling, but it is quite another when it is the ones that are manufacturing and selling it that are refusing it that should speak volumes to all of us, and apparently it has.

The big tech companies illegally censor, the mainstream media pushes their propaganda 24/7, the federal and state governments line up with their Judases and throw out their sales pitch along with their unconstitutional edicts (Isaiah 28:18), a narrative that they do not even believe.

Bill Gates and his little minion Anthony Fauci sell their fear in hopes of corralling you into taking one of their jabs but much of all of this is to no avail.  The people have and are refusing their lying narratives (John 8:44).

Fauci’s NIH Doctors Refusing to Take COVID Shot Despite Saying Safe & Effective

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If The High Number Of Frontline Health Workers Rejecting The Vaccine Does Not Tell You The Truth Of The Matter, Nothing Will!

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