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Today’s Confluence of Evil: Supernatural in Origin

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Published on: April 16, 2015

To those who have been paying attention, the aggregate of concurrent events taking place around the globe may resemble a convergence of dark forces such as one might find in a fantasy novel or horror film – or perhaps, even in biblical prophecy.

We have a president who is essentially an enemy saboteur; sort of a metaphor for Slim Pickens’ character Maj. “King” Kong in the 1964 Cold War dark comedy, “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” Barack Obama is riding the H-bomb to its target a mile below, shrieking with insane glee as Americans watch in horror and disbelief.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Speaking of H-bombs: Obama’s White House and some of our wayward allies have been waging a proxy war against Russia, which has lots of H-bombs. Most Americans don’t know this, because the American press is running interference for the former.

The truly surreal aspect here is that none among those with the ability and resources to neutralize the danger this president presents seem to even care. They’re on the aft deck of the Titanic, enjoying the string ensemble and sipping bubbly.

We have a former first lady and former secretary of state who has just declared her intention to run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016. The idea of Hillary Rodham Clinton even considering a run for president, given her unparalleled treachery, hypocrisy and self-serving deceit, is almost too obscene to consider. Yet, consider it we must, since it is indeed a reality.

By her action and inaction, Clinton may as well have taken out a contract on the people we lost in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012 – and that is only the worst in her decades-long history of treasonous dealings. It may surprise some to hear, but I believe she may be far more evil an individual than Obama.

The mullahs who control the Islamic Republic of Iran are licking their lips at the prospect of putting Iran’s nuclear weapons development program into high gear with the lifting of sanctions placed on them by America and its allies. Their dark designs include annihilating Israel and bringing about a prophesied apocalypse.

As another direct result of the Obama administration’s machinations and meddling, the entire Middle East has become a tinderbox, followed by areas in north and central Africa. Exploits of the al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the Houthi insurgents in Yemen relate new instances of man’s inhumanity to man every few days.

While the mullahs in Iran are laboring to bring about their prophesied apocalypse, I’m not entirely sure toward what event Marxists in America are laboring, but it is clear that they have stepped up their efforts as well.

Though it may occur very infrequently, it is a sad reality that sooner or later, somewhere in America, a white police officer will exercise deadly force against a black American. On April 4, North Charleston, South Carolina, Police Officer Michael Slager shot and killed 50-year-old Walter Scott, a black man, following a traffic stop.

As I predicted here earlier, despite Officer Slager having been promptly arrested and charged with murder (owing to video evidence of the shooting), America’s perennial race-baiter Rev. Al Sharpton followed with a very high-profile call for national legislation that would govern the actions of local police, making them answerable to the federal government.

This is precisely what the Obama administration has been working up to over the last few years, exacerbating racial tensions and inciting enmity toward the police in black communities across America.

Whether Sharpton is a true believer in the totalitarian state or an imbecile – either of which are entirely possible – I would wager anything that floating the national legislation proposal at this particular time was not his idea.

The newfound vigor with which the militant homosexual agenda in America is being advanced may seem a paltry issue in the face of nuclear annihilation or an emerging police state, but in context, I would argue otherwise. This not only threatens Americans’ liberties in general and freedom of speech in particular, but its intense focus on disenfranchising Christians, I believe, speaks for itself as to where its proponents stand relative to the question of good versus evil.

Calls for bans on “conversion therapy” for homosexuals (a form of psychiatric treatment that is being misrepresented by the left as forced deprogramming), homosexual activists infiltrating schools in order to shame and harass students regarding their religious beliefs around traditional marriage and biblical sexual convention, and the showcasing of teen suicides allegedly resulting from the bullying of homosexual and “gender eccentric” youth are indicative of the left’s zealotry with regard to getting what they desire.

The so-called struggle of those that practice sodomy for equality has been nothing but a contrivance of the hard left, and it is being exploited by them to codify sexual deviance as sacrosanct under the law, which would effectively nullify the Establishment Clause.

Exit Christianity.

As a Christian, it is difficult for me not to view this confluence of wicked and degenerate forces as undeniably apparent, unprecedented in our nation’s history, or as anything other than human beings operating under the influence of purposeful and increasingly powerful supernatural evil.

Of course, it is up to individuals to determine for themselves what they believe. If we are soon propelled from economic wasteland to societal implosion to cataclysm of biblical proportions, it won’t much matter in the practical sense if, as heretofore liberty-loving Americans, we differ on the nature of the beast.


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