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Trump Endorses To Tax Your Gas By 25 Cents

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Published on: February 15, 2018

While conservatives are cheering how the tax cut bill saves them money in the right hand, President Donald Trump is endorsing taking money out of their left hand by 25 cents per gallon when they fill up their tanks with gasoline.

The current 18.4 cents a gallon for gas and 24.4 cents for diesel was last raised in 1993.

According to the White House, “…the President is focused on his 4 priorities: spurring $1.5 trillion of infrastructure investment, cutting down the burdensome permitting process from 10 years to 2, providing funding for rural infrastructure, and investing in workforce development. He has said everything is on the table in order to achieve those goals.”

“The gas tax has its pros and cons, and that’s why the President is leading a thoughtful discussion on the right way to solve our nation’s infrastructure problems.”

The nation’s infrastructure problems could easily be solved by not spending money on what is not authorized in the Constitution, plain and simple.

It could be solved without the wasteful spending that accompanies both the warfare and the welfare state.  While I have advocated for national defense, as defined in the Constitution, empire building with American military bases in well over 100 countries is not something that seems to me to be in the founders’ vision of what America was to be, and really has nothing to do with national defense.

Axios writes, “Trump’s gas tax idea appears dead on arrival. Republicans aren’t about to hike taxes for the Trump voters driving their pickup trucks to work every day. It’s a regressive tax and in Republicans’ minds would undo some of working and middle class tax cuts they just passed.”

Well, we can hope it is DOA, but who can tell at this point.

Michale Bastasch points out that, “If that gas tax hike went into effect today, the national average gas price would go from $2.56 to $2.81 per gallon.”

“Trump’s support of a gas tax hike comes after the U.S. Chamber of Commerce called for a 25 cent gas tax hike that would be indexed for inflation,” wrote Bastasch.  “The Chamber said the hike would raise $394 billion over 10 years.”

“While the user fee increase I proposed would cost the average motorist about $9 a month, our badly deteriorating roads are causing approximately $40 a month in increased maintenance and operating costs,” Chamber CEO Thomas Donahue said in January.

Here’s the question, I ask everyone, why are people so excited to raise revenue for the same federal government that raises our taxes to pay for their unconstitutional spending, their neverending wars and their unlawful welfare state?

Why are we only happy to be given scraps from the federal table in terms of “tax cuts” while the government continues to spend on things they are not authorized in the Constitution to spend on?

Furthermore, that spending continues, and the debt continues to grow, no matter what team’s jersey is being worn in the Oval Office or Congress.

Of course, there are some Republicans who want to tax us more and more.

Bastasch reports:

Some Republicans have spoken favorably of raising the gas tax, but it’s unclear if such a proposal would pass Congress. Republicans may need Democratic support to raise the gas tax.

Conservative groups, however, have come out against raising the gas tax. They argue it could undo the benefits many Americans got from recently passed tax cuts.

“Raising the gas tax is a bad idea,” a coalition of conservative groups, led by Americans for Prosperity, wrote in a letter to federal lawmakers.

“It will make the burden of government on families and businesses heavier,” 30 conservative groups wrote. “A higher gas tax means higher prices not just on gas, but on goods and services throughout the economy. These costs would inevitably be passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices, resulting in a regressive tax hike on those who can least afford it.”

Bastasch then added, “Money raised from a gas tax would negate more than one-quarter of the fiscal benefit Americans saw from GOP-led tax cuts.”

Do you see what they are doing to us people?  It’s worse than Democrats in the fact that at least Democrats come with a frontal assault and tell you they want to take your money for unconstitutional means, but the Republicans are using deception in hopes that you either won’t pay attention or cover for their wicked schemes.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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