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Trump Needs to Tell the Whole, Ugly Truth about Hillary Clinton

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Published on: October 4, 2016

You cannot be weak with evil. You must deal forcefully with the wicked as God himself stands with you.

Donald Trump knows Hillary Clinton is an evil woman. But in their first debate, he held back on her. Now is not the time to be “nice.” We are at war with crooked Hillary, lying media and corrupt politicians, for the future of this country. You’ll notice Hillary does not hold back on Trump.

Hillary and her media’s vicious attacks on Donald Trump are a distraction from reality – they focus on “problems” that don’t exist, like “racism” and “sexism.” He must be strong and wise to defeat the lie.

Trump shines when speaking off-the-cuff, from the heart, with true spontaneity – not with memorized lines, nor worldly rules of “civility.” Trying to avoid “hurt feelings” is phony feminine political correctness. Being “nice” deadens the impact of truth.

A man with love for this country, as Donald has, is naturally kind when appropriate, but very rough when it’s called for. With Hillary, it’s called for – believe me.

Trump should have beaten Hillary easily in the first debate. Instead, he was less comfortable and effective than normal. I almost thought I was watching weak, cowardly Mitt Romney pull punches with girly Barack Obama all over again. Painful!

I believe Trump was over-coached by handlers – too careful not to offend a “woman.” It undermined his effectiveness. I pray he does not repeat the mistake – it may be fatal – for his chance at the presidency and for civilization’s future.

As long as lying media maintain their power to delude Americans, Hillary will not be alone in the satanic attack on Trump. Black liberal Lester Holt, the first debate moderator, provided pointless muckraking against Trump to make him appear “sexist.” Example: Lester questioned why Trump said Hillary doesn’t have the right “look” to be president.

Lester pointed out, as though it meant something, that Hillary is “the first woman in history” nominated for president. Clear-thinking people do not care about “the first woman” this, or “the first black” that. Only shallow-minded liberals value such nonsense.

Look at how far America has fallen under Barack Obama, “the first black” president (and worst president in history). Why have we suffered eight years under the son of Satan? Too many Americans – especially white men – hold back on the truth about Obama in fear of a made-up word: “racist.” Let’s not repeat this error with Hillary. Let’s stare down another phony accusation: “sexist.”

Here’s another reason for Trump to be tough: He does not just face Hillary; he faces the deceptive “mainstream” media and the corrupt political and financial establishment. He cannot win being “nice.” But by telling the truth, he can wipe them all out.

Hillary called Trump “racist” for questioning Obama’s “natural born” status. Yet Hillary started the “birther” movement. Is Hillary “racist“?

Patriots like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump want openness. They value truth. I’m glad they scrutinized liar Barack Obama. (Between Sheriff Joe, Sheriff David Clarke and a few others, all the real men support Donald Trump.)

As I write in “The Antidote,” Barack Obama had a Kenyan, atheist-socialist, absent father. This person once visited Hawaii to teach Barack’s eighth-grade class that whites were so-called “racist” in both America and Africa. Later, Obama’s American-hating white mother moved to Indonesia to marry a Muslim man.

How is it that the media mock fair-minded Americans for wanting to know the true origins of a person like Barack Obama, a man closely associated with anti-American pathologies like communism, atheism, Islam and black liberation “theology”?

Lester Holt re-stirred the “birther” controversy to scare blacks with phony “racism” fear mongering. The media want to distract Americans from the realities that caused Hillary’s recent freefall in the polls. Americans see Hillary’s utter dishonesty and irresponsibility. Americans saw her collapse outside a 9/11 memorial in New York City. Hillary’s life of lies and anger is taking its toll on her body.

In another attack, Hillary blindsided Trump with a decades-old claim that he called a former Miss Universe Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.” Hillary and her media smeared Trump as a so-called “racist” and “misogynist.” Media portrayed Trump’s 3 a.m. tweets about Machado as those of a sulking “bully” (an anti-male slur meant to intimidate men, preventing them from defending themselves against female accusers).

But this Venezuelan “new citizen” is a moral reprobate, just like Hillary – same with all the Democrats’ many “victims.” (Speaking of “deplorables” and “racists,” when will Hillary denounce Black Lives Matter?)

To defeat Hillary, I urge Trump: Tell the whole, ugly truth about Hillary, and show your leadership and love for America. Do not get sucked into nonsensical liberal accusations. Defend yourself, but as my friend Ben Shapiro says, “Hit back twice as hard.” And you will win new support.

If Trump shows up as a champion for all Americans, Hillary and her media will be faced with their empty lies and corruption. There would be a landslide for Trump and a textbook case on defeating evil.

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Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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