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U.K Muslim Leader Calls For Muslim Armies To Rise Against Their Governments

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Published on: August 24, 2014

These devout Muslim groups from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Canada and even the US  tell us every which way from Sunday that they mean to raise their armies of Muhammad to destroy and conquer nation states in order to impose Islam on the whole of the world.

And many of these Islamic groups are succeeding. The question: what’s it going to take for the political and media elites to believe them?

“U.K Spokesman For Hizb ut-Tahrir Calls For Muslim Armies To Rise Against Their Governments,” MEMRI

In a July 25, 2014 Friday sermon, Taji Mustafa, head of the media for the U.K. chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir, called upon the Muslim armies to take action. “You need to contact everybody you know in the army of the Muslims” and “open their eyes,” he said. They must be urged to “to remove these chains and disobey [their] rulers.”

Following are excerpts:

Taji Mustafa: “Why is it that the [Muslim] armies have not moved? Is it that we don’t have armies? Is it that we are cowards? No, no, no. This Islamic nation has been blessed with men, with women, with faith, with people who long for martyrdom, with people who want to be the descendants of Saladin.


Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan – we could drown this place. But what we have today is rulers who have abandoned the Quran.


“The solution is clear: that Muslims have armies, and these armies should move. What we have today are rulers who prevent the armies of this nation from moving.


“It is not because we are weak, and it is not because we don’t have men or weapons. It is because the armies have been chained. The armies should be released. This is the Islamic solution.


“I speak to brothers from Egypt, from Sudan, from Saudi Arabia, and from Pakistan, and they all say to me: “Oh, my uncle is a colonel in the army.” “Oh, my brother-in-law is an admiral in the navy.” This is the army of the Islamic nation?! These are our relatives.

“Maybe we have not reached them. You need to contact everybody you know in the army of the Muslims. Contact them, call them, visit them. Go abroad and visit them. You need to speak to them. You need to open their eyes.


“How is it that they agree to be chained? They need to remove these chains and disobey these rulers.”



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