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Unconstitutional Executive Order Addresses FEMA Federal Building Construction

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Published on: January 26, 2021

For the past approximately nine months, writers and experts here at Sons of Liberty Media have been informing readers the current “pandemic” is not real, is a plan-demic, and the “virus” has not been proven to exist. Therefore, the emergency declaration over this farce unnecessary and the unconstitutional measures being promoted by “governments” to counteract this non-emergency are, likewise, futile for the purpose being claimed – combating a “virus”. It appears the Biden administration has declared the same through diverting funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency earmarked for “COVID-19” to the equally false “climate change” agenda.

Kaylee Greenlee, writing for The Daily Caller, reported on this change.

The Biden administration is considering authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency to allocate COVID-19 funding for climate change projects, The New York Times reported Monday.

The plan would reallocate part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) overall disaster budget to projects designed to preemptively address damage from climate disasters, The Times reported. The agency wants to build seawalls and elevate or relocate homes in flood planes with the reallocated funds.

FEMA plans to include funding allocated for COVID-19 response in its restructuring of the budget, according to The Times. FEMA Acting Deputy Associate Administrator for Disaster Mitigation Michael M. Grimm said that an initial estimate found $3.7 billion that could go to the program to address climate change with the potential for more later on.

The White House Twitter account posted this.

Where is it the job of the office of the president to “provide economic relief, tackle climate change, promote racial equality, and control the COVID-19 pandemic”? Article, Section, and clause, if you please. And, where in the Constitution does the office of the president have the authority to authorize FEMA to “build seawalls and elevate or relocate homes in flood planes with the allocated funds”? Again, provide article, section, and clause. Moreover, there is no constitutional authority for the legislative or executive to spend any funds on the false “man-made climate change”, the COVID-19 scam-demic, or emergencies of any kind. Building seawalls, if needed, falls under the authority of the States, as does addressing emergencies. As for homes in flood plains, the individual homeowner is responsible for ensuring their home is not on a flood plain, elevated or relocated if in a flood plain.

Greenlee continued the report.

The total amount of funding could reach $10 billion if COVID-19 resources are directed towards the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, though Grimm said the decision to include pandemic relief funds has not yet been made, The Times reported. The proposal would give FEMA access to draw from the government’s dedicated disaster fund and would not necessarily mean reducing available funding for COVID-19 response.

So, Biden is authorizing the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program to allocate funds from the COVID-19 response fund but would not reduce funding available for COVID-19 response. Common core math has to be in play here. Unconstitutional meets unconstitutional.

The plan would need approval from the White House budget office, according to The Times. The proposal focuses less on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is more concentrated on protecting homes and people from severe storms, flooding, and fires.

The question here is “when are people going to learn that man cannot control nature and God’s Creation”? Trying to do so is a recipe for disaster and inviting the wrath of God. Who is responsible for protecting their home and themselves from flooding? It’s the homeowner. How does a homeowner do that? Simple; don’t build your home in a known flood plain despite the attempt by government to change the courses of waterways through levies and dams. When it comes to severe storms and fires, those acts of nature or carelessness by an individual or government official (or intentional for that matter) are not under the control of government or a homeowner. Have people turned off their brain?

Living on the coast is a wonderful thing. Being close to the beach, smelling the saltwater, and enjoying recreation right outside your doorway is great. However, if an individual lives on the coast or barrier islands that are prone to experience hurricanes, the individual is responsible for any damage occurring because of the weather. It isn’t up to the taxpayers to bail that individual out of a jam. The risk was known when the home was built. The same goes for cities and towns near the coast and in flood-prone zones. But, if you are willing to take the risk and bear the burden as an individual, the town collective, or through the State, then by all means, build to your heart’s content.

[] Joe Biden signed an order requiring higher construction standards for federally constructed buildings in flood zones during his first days in office…. If the proposal is approved by the White House, it will likely receive bipartisan support after a previous report found that the government saved money by providing funding for disaster preparation.

FEMA was given $19.4 billion for the Disaster Relief Fund and $2.3 billion for grant funding for 2020, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Isn’t it the job of Congress to legislate on federal construction on the property the Constitution grants it authority? Any member of Congress supporting an executive order outside the scope the Constitution authorizes should be removed from office. It is providing support for dictatorial edict by one individual, which is an afront to our form of government. And, why would anyone with half a brain build a federal building in a flood plain or flood zone? Prepare for those events by NOT constructing a building there.

It just goes to prove that common sense is a rare commodity these days and representatives in Washington, DC, suffer from brain non-function.

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