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Undercover Video Reveals Sodomy Supporters’ Hatred for Supreme Court Justice

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Published on: June 15, 2015

Citizen journalist Ryan Sorba recently went undercover in Southern California, posing as a same-sex “marriage” activist.

He asked pro-same-sex “marriage” activists the following question, “What do you think of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy?”

The following video is a montage of clips from interviews in which pro-same-sex marriage activists state that they “hate” Anthony Kennedy. Other activists state that they want to “kick his a** and then string him up and then kick his a** again.” Yet another activist states that he is, “praying that he [Kennedy] dies.”

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The subjects of the video vary from sodomy activists to prominent pro-sodomy “marriage” California Democrats.

The video is particularly important and timely because Anthony Kennedy is the swing-vote in the marriage case Obergefell v Hodges. The video matters because it provides viewers with a front row seat into the psychology of many leaders in the pro-“gay” movement. The activists in this video rage from ungrateful to those who have supported them in the past, to hypocritically intolerant, and even down right hateful and violent.

This video shows that some in the pro-“gay” community will not be satisfied for anything less than total support of their sexual anarchist agenda.

In a final exchange one of the activists warns a past California Democratic Party executive director who is ranting and raving about Justice Anthony Kennedy that, “you don’t get much from criticizing and attacking supreme court justices. You might piss them off and they’ll be voting against you for the rest of your life.”

Another man replies: “Thomas got pissed off at his confirmation hearing and he’s been mad ever since.”

Full Transcript of Undercover Footage: 

Cathy Jorgensen: You kick his a** and then you string him up! 

Investigator: Kennedy?

Cathy Jorgensen: Yeah

Cathy Jorgensen’s Friend: You kick his a** and then you string him up and then you kick his a** again!


Barney Frank: Kennedy’s actually written three very good LGBT decisions… but I’d still like to replace him! 

Investigator: Is there something we can do to get rid of Kennedy?

Isador Hall: Let’s KICK HIS A**! 

Pro-gay Democrat: I was just praying, that HE DIES!

Democrat Delegate Noel and sodomy activist son: On every major gay rights decision he’s always sided with us. I agree he needs to be gotten rid of.. Which is why 2016 is so important because he’ll be turning eighty plus in the next presidents term and..

Investigator: I didn’t know he was that old?

Democrat Delegate Noel and sodomy activist son: No, he’s old! He’s like 79.

Investigator: So you want to get rid of Kennedy too?

Thomas Diggins: YES!

Investigator: I don’t like Kennedy..

Kevin De Leon: Skyler was just saying the same thing earlier today.

Investigator: Who?

Kevin De Leon: Skyler!

Investigator: Were you really?

Skyler: I was. I was.

Kathy Bowler: Kathy Bowler!

Kevin De Leon: He’s got a serious question, about Justice Kennedy

Kathy Bowler: Yeah, yeah what the fuu..

Kevin De Leon: And marriage equality.. She’s a bad a**

Kathy Bowler: Yeah. And he’s a pile.. I hate him. I hate Anthony Kennedy!

Democrat Activist: You don’t get much from criticizing and attacking Supreme Court Justices. You might piss them off and they’ll be voting against you for the rest of your life.

Kathy Bowler: Yeah but I don’t care. He better vote right on this. He just better vote right on this..

Demcrat Activist: Thomas got pissed off at his confirmation hearing and he’s been mad ever since!

Replay of first four interviews


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