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US Veterans Aid Those Fighting Islamic State – Help Rescued Women and Children

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Published on: May 14, 2015

I’ve shared with you on two previous occasions about Jeremiah and his team of veterans who are aiding the peshmerga in their fight against the Islamic State. Though they are not training them for war nor are they fighting alongside them, they are teaching them how to apply basic first aid to keep their fighters alive. On Tuesday, Jeremiah informed me that they have trained over 1,000 troops in first aid and they now have a house set up to care for the women who have been rescued as slaves from the Islamic State, as well as many children.

You may recall that Jeremiah and his team arrived in Kurdistan in mid-February. They went there for the same purpose that they went on their first mission and that was to teach the peshmerga how to care for their wounded. This time some of the wives went with them in order to set up a house to help rehabilitate many of the women and children that the Islamic State had captured, but had been rescued.

Some of these women were brought to a refugee camp, which would only last a few months. However, Jeremiah informed me that the Lord has provided a house for his wife and other women to offer to these women, many who are widows due to their husbands being killed by the Islamic State.

The team also managed to work with a local pediatrician to take a look at the children that would be coming through Jeremiah’s team’s care.

Jeremiah’s wife, Amanda, will be running the house with two other women. “It will be a time of rest, refreshment and healing for these women and their children,” he said.

Eight women and two children were brought to the house on Wednesday and Jeremiah’s program works under the government of Kurdistan, which is happy that he and his team are there to help.

The team has a limited budget and limited staff and so they are seeking to make the most of their rehabilitation efforts for these women and their children. The time they spend with them will be relatively short, but there are literally hundreds of women and children that will pass through Jeremiah’s wife’s care.

Already, Germany has offered to take each and every one of the 750 women and their children into their country to give them a fresh, new start once they go through the team’s short program. The German’s have offered to pay for their travel and work program expenses.

“That’s amazing and just incredible that the Lord opened the door for these women in order for that to happen,” he said. “They will be taken into Germany over the next year.”

“The government minister said he would like for them to go through our program first and use that as a stepping stone to then go into Germany,” Jeremiah added.

Jeremiah believes this is good as the women will be coming out of severe trauma after having been captives of the Islamic State. This will provide an intermediate place of safety before they make the journey to Germany.

Obviously, this is a far cry from what our own government is doing concerning Syrian refugees they are allowing to pour in the United States virtually unchecked. I informed Jeremiah of what was taking place here concerning that, including the Obama administration’s attempt to resettle hundreds of Syrian refugees in Trey Gowdy’s district in South Carolina.

As the team sets up a rehabilitation house for the women who arrived on Wednesday, they were also conducting training of the peshmerga troops, along with Assyrian Christians who have joined the peshmerga.

As for the training of the peshmerga, Jeremiah’s team was able travel just north of Mosul on the front lines of the battle to train about 550 soldiers in trauma medical training. This training includes trauma, medicine, tourniquet application and the use of pressure to stop bleeding. With the funds that have been supplied by people like those reading this article, they were able to provide a basic trauma aid kit one for every ten of the troop. For that, Jeremiah wanted me to convey his thanks to all those who are supporting their efforts.

The team also traveled north to link up with an Assyrian Christian unit, which is also battling the Islamic State alongside the peshmerga. Nearly six hundred troops received the same trauma medical training as the peshmerga.

Jeremiah had just returned from Mt. Sinjar after training other troops of the peshmerga when he spoke to me.

In the midst of all of this, the team is not only providing mental and physical help, but they are also using these opportunities to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to those they are helping. If you recall the last time I wrote, Jeremiah had informed us that he had seen God work miracles there in the midst of the people, as well as see many abandon Islam and become believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friends, this is something that we, as Christians, need to support. If you would like to help Jeremiah and his team, you can do so by clicking here. To keep up with updates from them, go to


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