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The View Feminists Put Their Ignorance for All to See Following Orlando Mass Murder

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Published on: June 17, 2016

In the aftermath of the Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting over the weekend, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg, unsurprisingly, made an arse of herself, with Joy Behar and Raven Symone going along for the ride. To start the conversation, Whoopi asked Symone what she thought about the Orlando incidences, referencing the death of Christina Grimmie. Symone reacted in true liberal fashion to highlight the LGBT community embracing those outside their “group,” but not getting the same in return. Symone also talked about people coming together for a short period of time, talking about “gun laws” and then it all going to the wayside after a couple of months. Behar chimed in with digs at Donald Trump, complaining about individuals on no-fly lists being able to purchase guns, and wondering what is “wrong with people in this country.” She then quotes statistics on the percentage of Americans wanting gun control, which are questionable at best when coming from the Clinton camp.

These ladies, if you can call them that, are the epitome of ignorance when it comes to firearms. Yet, each and every day these “airhead Whoopis” display their willing ignorance in front of a live audience and countless other willingly ignorant “airhead Whoopis” as the “enlightened” among a country full of unlit candles. To these “airheads,” every weapon is an assault weapon if it resembles the automatic weapons used by the military. Whoopi even gestured or simulated an automatic weapon firing while stating, “You can’t hunt anything with an assault rifle, there’s nothing left.”

But, it was Goldberg who pitched the hissy fit in true “ignorant about the Constitution” liberal fashion. For one who is gracing a show entitled, “The View,” Goldberg doesn’t even know the Constitution enough to even give “a view.” A few misconceptions need to be addressed before getting into the ignorance of these “ding dong Twinkies.”

First, automatic weapons were banned in 1934, meaning weapons sold to the public are semi-automatic – it fires one projectile with each pull of the trigger. Weapons, especially rifles, may be modified to look like automatic weapons used by the military, but that is only a cosmetic design, not function. Some semi-automatic weapons can be modified to become automatic weapons; however, there are several restrictions in place on anyone wanting to modify their semi-automatic weapon and the cost and red tape from the government is burdensome, meaning most do not ever modify their weapon. Whoopi, thank you once again for showing everyone your ignorance. It goes to show that money can’t buy everything, especially a brain.

Second, to say that individuals who are on a no-fly list should not be able to purchase weapons is supporting the eradication of the right to due process. As it currently stands, the government can arbitrarily add someone’s name to this list without the individual knowing about it. Once on the list, the individual loses the right to due process to have their name removed. The government does not allow an individual to challenge the designation, essentially, violating the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Many individuals are unaware of their inability to board a plane to travel until they are made aware when standing in a security line holding a boarding pass and are unable to complete their travel arrangements – losing money in the process for a ticket that can’t be used. No one knows the criteria the government uses to determine if someone should be on the no-fly list. In fact, the government will not release the information to an individual placed on the list or anyone else who inquires. Behar, you can take your “everyone on the no-fly list needs to have their due process rights trampled” and stick it where the sun don’t shine. In case that’s not clear enough for you, it means “sit on it.”

Third, Symone needs to show an example of any of these LGBT groups embracing any other groups, including Christians. For as many in America have seen, these groups have shown intolerance to those who do not share their views. The LGBT groups have initiated a war against Christians who are in business and hold to their faith. Likewise, these groups have initiated a war against those who do not want the LGBT lifestyle shoved in their face, paraded in front of their children, or worshipped like a pagan statue. In fact, LGBT groups have used the force of government to marginalize Christianity, dehumanize Christians and Christian lifestyles, and initiate action against purposefully targeted Christian businesses that have forced many out of business or seriously compromised their ability to provide certain services. The government, on behalf of LGBT complaints, has grossly violated the First Amendment – Christians cannot engage in the free exercise of their religion. So, Raven Symone, take your “gayer than thou” attitude and shove it up your nose.

For all you “ding dong Twinkie airhead Whoopis” on The View, let’s review that Second Amendment one more time.

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” – Second Amendment, Constitution for the united States of America.

According to Whoopi, “The Constitution doesn’t say you can carry hundreds of guns.” Looking at the Second Amendment and reading the entire Constitution, it doesn’t say you can’t. What it does say is the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, meaning you can have and carry as many arms as you can bear. Whoopi also stated, “It says you can protect your home, it says you can protect yourself.” Well, please point to the section in the Constitution where it says that exactly, Whoopi. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that. Whoopi, the right to self-defense and defense of your property and home are God-given rights that are unalienable. The Constitution grants no man any right, as God does that. What the Constitution does is limit government from infringing on God-given unalienable rights.

You see Whoopi, God created man in His image and bestowed rights upon him at creation. Every individual borne of man is born with those rights. God established the law for man to follow and preceded government. Man created/instituted government to secure individual God-given rights. Man bestowed upon government the limited authority it exercises. Despite what you might think, Whoopi, the government is not God; neither is man. When the creation (government) assumes power over the creator (man), it is called usurpation. Man attempting to assume powers of God or exercise control over that belonging to God is called blasphemy.

The reason for the Second Amendment is not just self-defense or defense of one’s property or home. The Second Amendment secures all other God-given rights by being a deterrent and guard against a tyrannical and despotic government that would eradicate rights bestowed upon man by God. When a government engages in tyranny and despotism, it is the duty of the people to defend their lives, freedoms, liberties and pursuits of happiness. Any legislation that regulates arms and accessories needed to keep and bear those arms is unconstitutional, a usurpation by the government, and denies individuals the God-given right to defend themselves against a government intent on inflicting tyranny.

Western Journalism reported:

Goldberg, clearly agitated and gesturing at the audience, continued, “All you people on Twitter that like to come after folks, back up, because you can’t explain this. You can’t explain this away. … There’s no reason for anybody to have a machine gun … Keep your stuff to yourself. I don’t care what you think. Back off me. I don’t care.”

The panelists then went on to declare that what America needs is greater separation of church and state, and for Christians to show more love.

Goldberg ended the discussion by saying people are “ignorant” about the LGBT community and should “respect each other.”

Don’t you just love it when those who are not Christians tell Christians to show more love and respect others when they themselves do neither? Hypocrites, all of them. Well, I will be glad to show “love” by exposing these women’s ignorance, stupidity and errors in a respectful manner. Just as it is love to point out to our children their sin, it is love to point out to our neighbors their sin.

Whoopi, Omar Mateen, the Muslim shooter, did not have a machine gun. He had an AR-15, which is a semi-automatic rifle. It fires only one projectile per trigger pull – that means one bullet each time you squeeze the trigger. It’s good that you don’t care what anyone thinks since some of us care not what you think. How about you keep your stuff to yourself instead of spewing it all over the TV waves? You are the one spreading ignorance, fueling stupidity and promoting an agenda to eradicate God-given rights while you surround yourself in secure mansions and travel with security wherever you go. And to be fair, you are the one who can’t explain your position based on constitutionality, God’s law or facts. So, when those of us are sharing information with you, it isn’t what “we think,” but what is fact, based on the Constitution – the document authorizing the powers government may exercise, and based in God’s Holy Word.

And, for the love of Pete, please enlighten us all how any of this has to do with “separation of church and state,” the big misnomer as the church has every business to be in government whereas government has no business being in the church. When Christians attempt to share the Gospel with any one of “your” demeanor, you accuse us of “shoving Christianity” down your throats. All the while, you support the LGBT community over-running Christians by maliciously targeting Christian business owners. In sharing the Gospel and the personal relationship we have with Jesus Christ and God with others, we hope to bring salvation to them through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is not with hate that we point out the abomination of sodomy and the sodomite lifestyle, but love in order that sodomites will turn to Christ and cease that which is an abomination in God’s eyes, gaining forgiveness and eternal life. Christians are not murdering sodomites in nightclubs, throwing them off rooftops or punishing them with the death penalty because of their lifestyle. It is Muslims doing all of that – the same Muslims who murder Christians and people considered infidels, such as yourself.

So, Whoopi, people are not ignorant about the LGBT community and certainly are not being disrespectful of that community. The truth of the matter is it is the exact opposite – the LGBT community is being disrespectful of others, maliciously targeting Christians for their beliefs, and acting out of hate, not love, trying to force their beliefs and lifestyle down the throats of others using the government to do it.

In fact, Whoopi, here’s an amazing idea for you and your “cohorts.” Five individuals of my choosing will appear with you and your “View” cohorts to discuss the Second Amendment and the unconstitutionality of gun control legislation, no-fly lists, and the misconceptions you all have about Christianity. There will be two moderators – one of your choosing and myself. Call it a panel discussion, if you will, where moderators ask the questions and each side responds.

There is only a few criteria – no one can walk out, no one can attempt to stop someone from speaking, no answering a question with a question, no restriction on any God-given right and the Second Amendment, and you have to agree to attend a weapons training class and shooting range session with my five involving semi-automatic weapons. Seeing that the GA Republican Party Second Vice-Chair refuses to even grant me an interview, someone like you will surely not give this proposal any thought whatsoever. It’s amazing that those of us who are relative unknowns, but who will ask the hard questions, are kept at bay as if you are afraid. As many see it, if you are so sure of your position and unafraid of facts, you would not retreat in the face of a challenge.

What do you say Whoopi, Joy, Raven, and you others on “The View?”

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