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What Happens When The “Good” Are Silent? Were They Ever Good?

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Published on: December 10, 2022

Many believe the old quote ” Evil prevails when good men do nothing,” but is that true?  Do good men do nothing in the face of evil?  I think not.  In an effort to prove the point, Aden Tate produced a poem.  He draws upon the past to ask the question, “What happens when the good are silent?” and his conclusion should be a wake up call to the present evil we see in our own country today.

Tate wrote:

What happens when the good are silent

As the wicked run about

When the good just hold their tongues

While the evil scream and shout?


When the good are silent

As theft becomes the norm

Should they be surprised

When culture takes new form?


“I just don’t understand”

“Where it all went wrong”

“My country has gone crazy”

It’s the same old song


What would’ve happened

Had there been more Scholls?

Exposing all the lies

Showing Naziism’s holes?


Or if there’d been more Schindler’s

Risking all to save a few

Putting good above their fear

To save the beaten Jew

But, no, the good were silent

To save their skins they hid

As another Nazi soldier

Cremated another kid

What if Solzhenitsyn

Had refused to testify

About the horrors he had seen

When he thought that he may die?


Would more have fallen for

The soviet way of life

Where “You belong to the state!”

“Fight, and taste the knife!”

So now, let’s ask the question

One each man must ask

It’ll show your heart

And remove that sterile mask


What kind of man do you

Want your family to

Remember you as being

“We few, we happy few?”

Or would you have a coward

Sitting in their midst

Eating at their table

With a heart not more than grist


Is that the heart a wife desires?

The heart you’ve always wanted?

Or is it the slimy excuse

Of a man scared of being hunted?


What happens when the good sit down?

“It’d be best to just lay low!”

“It’s safe inside my home!”

‘Tis a heavy blow


Against these little children

The weak who need the strong.

And they were left defenseless

Is this right or wrong?

Do the good stand by and watch

As a kidnapper plies his trade

Is this the purpose of a fist

Is this why it was made?


“I can’t jump into that fray!”

“That man might hurt me too!”

“I’ll just wish it was over.”

We few, we happy few…

And so, another kid is hurt

But hey, you’re still alright!

With your hands stuck in your pockets

What’s on TV tonight?


Perhaps this is the way

That nations fin’ly fall?

Evil just runs loose

And the good? Where are they all?

Well, they’re all at home

It’s comfortable in there

A bowl of popcorn in the lap

While in the easy chair


The people they should love

Are falling left and right

But they are men no longer

Too castrated to fight


They’re scared of speaking up

And what just that may mean

Not aware you must pick a side

Neutrality? What do you mean?


What happens to the good men

When fear binds up their tongues

Evil will take over. Then

Screams escape their lungs


Because that’s the way it starts

The wolves feed on the weak

And when the lambs are missing

The pattern’s not unique

Then the wolves move up the flock

Attacking all that’s left

The comfort is then gone

And all are left bereft

So, where can the good be found

If they never make a sound?

Well, if silent for too long

They’re six feet in the ground.


Because they were silent for too long

Taking chains, when they were free

This has all happened before

“There was no one left for me.”


A lion scours the earth

Seeking to devour

And when the knights are silent

Then evil flaunts its power

And as the silent good men stand

Back to watch the innocent fall

The question must be raised

Were they ever good at all?

He concluded his poem with a few comments:

I realize this is something of a non-sequitur post that doesn’t really match the normal article style, and I’m not the greatest poet out there, so forgive me for my feeble attempt.

Our country is being hit hard from every angle conceivable. The things we are seeing done to our children, what we have witnessed be perpetrated against our families – it’s been a lot. There is so much going on right now that is absolutely disgusting that this felt like the best way to address it.

I hope that you found the above thought-provoking, and that today is one of the best days that you’ve had all year.

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