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If You Ever Doubted Donald Trump Was A Sellout, This Video Shows By Who He Was Bought-And-Paid-For

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Published on: March 26, 2022

Many have called me names and failed to refute what was right in front of their eyes.  Instead, they have made excuses for President Donald Trump for his crimes against the People because “he is the lesser of two evils.”  Yet, evil remains evil and these simply will not leave their idolatry of a man because they have been programmed to support the Republican Party no matter what or Donald Trump himself.

Some have claimed that Trump is a Christian and that he is even leading the biggest takedown of pedophile rings and Deep State agents around the world.  Yet, there is really no evidence of him doing that at all.

The reality is that years ago, Trump was bought off by banksters and even more recently by the Zionists.

This will be a hard pill to swallow for some who simply cannot see the man for who he is, but it is one you must take if you really want to see things as they truly are to be seen.

I could name numerous more things that demonstrate that Trump will say one thing and do the exact opposite, but that is not the point of the article nor the video above.  It is to show you that he is controlled opposition for those who are liberty-minded, Christian and Constitutional.

Just remember, Trump told you time and again what he was…

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