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#MeToo Florida: Woman Pleads For Florida AG Ashley Moody To Give Her Access To Law Enforcement After Corrupt Sheriff Took Advantage Of Her

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Published on: October 14, 2019

As several investigations begin concerning the fraudulent, criminal and unethical Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, his victim, Deanna Williams, continues to fight for survival and justice.  In doing so, Williams has once again reached out to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody for assistance in giving her access to law enforcement after Marceno obstructed justice, State Attorney Amira Fox failed to do her job, and there is no one else to turn to for justice in her criminal complaint of grand theft.

Yes, Ms. Williams is part of the #MeToo movement, but will you see Alyssa Milano backing her?  Nope, because Ms. Williams is a conservative.  And yes, Milano has been informed of Ms. Williams situation, but she’s unconcerned.

Will “women’s rights” attorney Gloria Allred come to her aid?  Nope, she’s the very woman that has failed to keep her word regarding a retainer agreement she had with Ms. Williams that has put her through this and much more.

Still, Ms. Williams begged Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to help her have access to law enforcement considering that the top cop not only pursued her for sex after she went to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to file a criminal complaint of grand theft, but he’s also charged with arresting her in a bogus and highly corrupt case in which the judge issued an arrest warrant for attorney’s fees to Ft. Lauderdale attorney Scott Mager, who Ms. Williams has filed a Bar complaint against for knowingly being in possession of $300,000 of stolen money that rightfully belongs to her.  By the way, Mager filed paperwork with the court calling that money “payments” only after being in possession of it for 1-2 years and having the Bar complaint filed against him.

Williams wrote in a brief ten paragraph letter her plea that Moody would act this time at her request.

“In late 2017, I was the victim of a $200,000 grand theft by attorney G Ware Cornell who was representing me in a civil case,” Williams recounted.  “Mr. Cornell’s story has changed a few times following the theft but it seems that Cornell was approached by Scott Alan Mager, an attorney unknown to me until he purchased the rights to sue me for $50,000 from another lawyer. Cornell was aware that I was scheduled to receive a $200,000 payment in connection with the underlying civil case. Michael Corso with Henderson Franklin in Fort Myers was responsible for dispersing scheduled payments which were to be sent directly to me. Mr. Cornell had no authority to receive funds on my behalf. Nonetheless, Cornell falsely claimed authorization to receive funds thereby intercepting the $200,000 payment and withholding it, even after I discovered the theft and demanded its return.”

Williams then recalls going to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office only to be made a victim again by then-Undersheriff Carmine Marceno.

“When it became clear my funds would not be returned in their entirety, I reported the theft to Lee County Sheriff’s Office,” she wrote, pointing to several articles that have been written concerning her situation and the crimes committed against her.  “After several weeks and multiple trips to LCSO to deliver documents, I received a message from someone on Facebook that I recognized only as a social media follower. His name is Carmine Marceno. He started by asking what I did for a living before eventually sending me a link to a story that read “Undersheriff Carmine Marceno Emerges As New Face of Lee County Sheriff’s Office.” I didn’t know what an undersheriff was, but Carmine was asking about my case and offering to help. He said he wanted to understand what happened and directed me to text a good time he could call to a cell phone number he provided. My phone rang almost immediately after I sent the text. It was Carmine Marceno, asking to set up an appointment to meet face-to-face at the Sheriff’s Office. This was on a Friday evening, the meeting happened the following Monday morning. Following the meeting, I was promised that the criminal acts would no longer be allowed to continue. He told to me expect a follow-up call. Without delay, Carmine started texting and calling, but not about the crimes. Instead, he was pursuing me personally. I reported a life-changing crime to the Sheriff’s Office. Naturally, I had absolutely no desire to be pursued by Carmine Marceno as I was trying to cope with the impact of the sudden loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars my family and I depended on. Despite my resistance and reluctance, he persisted. He pursued me for his gratification at my expense. After I became pregnant, and refused his demands to have an abortion, the threats and intimidation began. Carmine Marceno promised I would never have access to justice in Lee County. Carmine again strongly urged me to abort before issuing additional threats. What has happened to me and my family since has been absolutely devastating. I am fighting the disabling effects of Multiple Sclerosis without access to necessary treatment. We have lost our home and all of our assets as the crimes have continued unanswered. We have no access to law enforcement to stop the crimes that continue to be committed against us. My rights have been violated repeatedly as my family and I continue to suffer the consequences of the actions of others.”

Williams then made a desperate plea for help.

“I am requesting a proper investigation into the crimes reported,” she continued.  “The fact that the appointed sheriff used the authority of his position to pursue me for his gratification is not an acceptable reason to deny me and my family access to law enforcement. We deserve a proper and full investigation into the crimes that have had a devastating impact on our lives and health. We’ve been victimized by additional crimes since the initial report to LCSO. Scott Alan Mager, the individual in possession of $300,000 of stolen funds has committed another theft and has engaged in fraud upon the court to conceal and enable his theft, knowing that the actions of the appointed Sheriff have left me without recourse. In addition to orchestrating thefts of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Mager has manipulated the civil court, using it as a weapon against me. Mager’s actions include efforts to extort me by phone in hopes of extorting even more money than he’s already swindled.”

She then reminded Moody of her, and Governor Desantis’ own recommendations of how they recommended that she should handle things.

“As previously recommended by your office and the office of Governor DeSantis, a Bar complaint has been filled,” Williams wrote.  “However, the Florida Bar does not determine criminality, does not have arrest powers, and cannot carry out a criminal investigation.”

“Additionally, when I sought to file a Bar Complaint as recommended by your office, my initial efforts were hampered by the assignment of Bar Investigator Mike Fox, close friend to Carmine Marceno, and husband to State Attorney Amira Fox,” Williams continued.  “The depth of corruption surrounding my case led me to communicate extensively with ACAP in an effort to begin a fair investigation as I struggled tremendously due to extreme hardships, pregnancy complications and physical disability aggravated by the stress brought about by the crimes that stripped my family of all of our resources at the time of our greatest need. After becoming familiar with my case, Senior Bar Counsel Annemarie Craft told me emphatically that I must somehow get law enforcement involved. She repeatedly underscored the need for law enforcement investigation without delay.”

Williams did communicate recent developments concerning investigations into Marceno who was appointed and never elected by the people but is up for election in Lee County in 2020.

“In recent communications, a Florida Ethics Commission investigator who contacted me also strongly urged me to find a law enforcement agency outside of Lee County to investigate crimes against me,” she wrote.  “Current and former sheriffs from Florida and beyond have urged me to seek the assistance of law enforcement outside the Twentieth Judicial Circuit but they’ve also warned that FDLE may deflect and avoid because my case has been complicated by the interference of the sitting appointed sheriff of Florida’s seventh largest county.”

Williams added, “FDLE previously took a recorded statement about Carmine Marceno’s acts in a crowded Starbucks, often shushing me when I spoke about details they didn’t want to discuss. I wanted investigators outside of Lee County to investigate the crimes I reported to LCSO. FDLE investigators said they were only interested in crimes Carmine Marceno may have committed against me. I was repeatedly told to focus on his actions that may be “criminal” and speak only of those things. They refused information on how he initially contacted me, and would not direct me to anyone who could help with the crimes I reported to LCSO.”

Additionally, the White House has been informed of the criminal behavior.

“In communications with The White House regarding some of the above issues, The Office Of Presidential Correspondence sent a letter promising that the information provided had been forwarded to the appropriate federal agencies for further action,” Williams informed Moody.  “Unfortunately, for whatever reason, there has been no further communication.”

Williams finally reminded Moody that she has not only followed her advice and the governor’s but gone well beyond that advice, all to no avail.

“As I have previously communicated to your office on numerous occasions, I’ve contacted every agency I know to contact in order to get an investigation started. Despite my efforts, an investigation has not begun,” Williams wrote.  “I am requesting commencement of a full and proper investigation into the crimes described above without delay. I’m further requesting that your office oversee this process to ensure that it is conducted thoroughly and without bias.”

“Please respect the urgency of this matter as serious threats I have not described above continue to mount as my need for law enforcement is ignored,” Williams concluded.  “A proper response without delay is required to ensure the safety of myself and my family.”

If you wish to aid Ms. Williams in her fight to survive and to get justice, please donate to her Go Fund Me page.

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