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The Obscene Court is Going to Make the Election Honest – Surely You Jest!

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Published on: November 18, 2020

I have not written an article since August 1, 2020, and before that, it was May 29, 2020. I get busy in the summer. This year we raised and butchered 96 chickens. We also planted a large garden. I told my wife that at some point, anything you do not have, you may not have. So we got busy and stocked up for the winter.

I had not planned to write an article until winter when I wrote: First, they killed the babies – now they have taught the babies to kill themselves! However, at the time, I had to say something. Besides the other things I do, I also work as an Emergency Medical Technician. At the time I wrote that article, there were a lot of kids attempting suicide. One suicide that particularly bothered me was one that I did not respond to, but I knew the young man that murdered himself.

He used to be part of a youth organization with which I work. He shot himself in the head. I keep thinking that we should have taught him better than that. I think that every time I have someone in my ambulance that considers murdering themselves as a solution. I realize that this is a long way to get to the subject of my article, but for those of you that have read my other articles, you know I have point.

The point is the things that pass for solutions in this country are really trying to solve problems with problems. This election is another example. In this country, dishonesty is the national past time. Now that the country has become so dishonest that we refuse to stop voter fraud, we look to the Supreme Court of the United States to save us from our own dishonesty. If you read my article, Supreme Court Did Not Make Abortion The Law Of The Land-They Made Murdering Babies For Money The Lawlessness Of The Land, you will realize that the Supreme Court is not known for doing the right thing.

In It is not the Supreme Court – it is the Obscene Court of the United States, I explained how the court has ruled that black people were not human and could, therefore, be sold as property. The court has also ruled that babies are not human and, therefore, can be killed instead of allowing them to be born. The same court that has done this is now going to say the country’s elections must be honest? Surely you jest. Jest may not be the right term. Maybe I should say that you are deceiving yourself. A court that rules a mother murdering her child a constitutional right, so that now 62 million babies have been murdered, is not capable of determining justice.

Donald Trump is going to a problem to ask them to solve a problem. The Supreme Court is a problem the Christian people of America should have solved years ago. The dishonesty and fraud in America’s elections is also a problem the Christian people of America should have solved years ago. You cannot trust the lawless to follow the rule of law. Criminals only obey when they are forced to obey.

A criminal is someone who does not obey the law. That could be someone that steals your money or a judge that does not follow the law in their ruling. America just tolerates the judge’s law breaking more than the thief’s. If we allow law-breaking, we get what we deserve. We are approaching a year of COVID-19 dishonesty that has harmed more people than they claimed to help. Considering the Christian people of America have allowed that level of dishonesty, why would we expect an honest election?

One of the things that bother me about talk radio is that the hosts regularly say things like: America needs to be informed” or “When are you going to wake up?” I think most people know their government is corrupt. They are informed, awake, and just have not done anything about it.

What we need to do is have an honest discussion in our churches and with our families and friends about what we are actually going to do about the dishonesty and lawlessness of our country. The government and media like to say: “Don’t take the law into your own hands.” That comment is silly and foolish. My response is: “Don’t make me take the law into my own hands.” If someone comes to my house to attempt to harm me, I should be able to call the police and have them come and enforce the law. However, if they do not, I will enforce the law. I will not stand by and allow my family to be harmed. Any sheriff that would suggest I do not do so is an accomplice of the criminal and should be removed from office.

We need to decide what we are going to do to enforce the law. I hope our local governments will rein in these out of control federal and state lawless people. If they do not, the people need to enforce the law (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15).

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