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Think Before You Act

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Published on: February 27, 2015

Let’s talk about a good moral for you and me to learn. This moral is, think before you act. I hope you enjoy this story:

One day, a king was with his scouts while searching for an animal. When they saw the animal, they crept up on him, and finally killed him.

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After they had killed the animal, the king went out on horseback to find water because he was thirsty. The king had a faithful bird that was with him wherever he went.

As his lips became parched and his throat dry, the king finally found water trickling in drops from a rock. So he grabbed a cup from his satchel and put it under the rock.  When his cup became full, he thought to himself, this is going to be so good. Right when he lifted the cup to his lips, his faithful, little bird knocked the cup out of his hands. The king was furious. He was very mad about what his bird had done. After his bird had knocked the cup out of his hands, he decided to try again.

When the king’s cup was filled again, he put it up to his lips. Once more, right when he was about to drink it, his faithful, little bird knocked it out of his hands. Burning with rage, the king grabbed his sword and killed his faithful, little bird.

Because it was taking so long every time he filled his cup up, he sent one of his scouts to go to the stream where the water was flowing and get a cup of water.

The scout started ascending to the fountain. Although it took him a while, he finally got there. As he looked at the water, he noticed that a poisonous snake had died in the fountain.

He realized that the venom had mixed with water that the king was planning on drinking. After the scout had descended from the mountain, he told the king what had happened. The king was very sad and started weeping.

For the rest of the king’s life, he regretted what he had done to that faithful, little bird. Although the story is a sad one, the moral is very good. What is the moral? You need to think before you act. You do not want to regret a decision that you made in life because you didn’t think about what you were doing first.

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