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What Good Are Gun Rights?

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Published on: March 19, 2019

What good are gun rights?  I think that is a fair question that deserves an answer.

Everyone keeps screaming about the Second Amendment, as if that is the only thing that matters. Don’t get me wrong, I like my guns as much as any of you, but most people have done nothing to protect that right and even fewer think in a detailed matter about it. My point is if you are fine with being a slave as long as your master lets you have a gun then you may as well not have any guns.

If we were going to summarize what our government is saying, it is basically you slaves do not need guns and you will only be allowed to have them as long as your government masters let you have them. There has been a reason I have written the latest articles that I have. I have been trying to get you to understand that you cannot compartmentalize things. All rights depend on each other. If someone smuggles a weapon into a prison it does not cause them to be free. Even if it helps them escape it just took them from being a prisoner to being a fugitive. It does not give them the right to be out of prison.

When I was in the Air Force and we would winch a piece of equipment like a tank or jeep onto the aircraft, we would have to inspect the winch before we used it. Part of the inspection was to unroll the entire cable and pull a rag along it to see if there were any broken strands on the cable. A cable gets its strength from a lot of little wires working together to form the cable. The greater number of little wires the greater the size and strength of the cable. We had a chart in our technical manuals that told us how many strands could be broken before we could not use the winch. Surprisingly it did not take that many strands to be broken before we could not use the winch. Our rights are not much different. As with a cable it is all of our rights put together that gives us the strength of our freedom.

That is why I asked, what good are gun rights? Having the Second Amendment is one little strand of the cable and owning the gun is another. If you let the government take away any of your rights, they weaken your cable to the point that even though you have them, you no longer can use them. Just as it becomes dangerous to use the winch once the cable becomes weak, try and use some of your rights when the government has started taking other ones away.

That is why I wrote the article Eating Today Does Not Prove You Will Eat Tomorrow. If you allow the government to have a currency that can be manipulated in a way that they can take your money without your knowing it, you are in danger and are losing your rights. What good are gun rights if they manipulate the currency until you are in poverty?

In Venezuela, there is no food to buy with the money or to protect with the guns. Normalcy bias is a dangerous thing. Just because you have food today does not mean you will tomorrow. In search and rescue, there are many cases that the people being rescued could have avoided the problem by just thinking about what they were doing.  As a country, people need to start thinking.

In Have Americans Become Too Irresponsible, I showed how we have been consistently losing our rights for a long time now. My point was you cannot have rights and be irresponsible. If you let the government break the strands of your cable, it becomes weak. If you break the strands yourself, it becomes just as weak. Rights you give away are just as gone as the ones that are taken.

I asked in Have Americans Really Thought About Immigration for the readers to really think about what will happen to this country if unlimited amounts of people are allowed to come here.

People may think that immigrants are just adding strands to the cable and that will make us stronger.  However, that is not true. Our government is treating us like a democracy instead of the republic we legally are. A democracy is 99 stupid people voting on what they are going to do to the one smart person. A republic is when we are ruled by law and those laws protect both the smart and the stupid. An example of this is in a democracy there are three people. Two of the people each have two bad kidneys and one has two good kidneys. They hold an election and the vote is two to one to take the healthy person’s kidneys and give the kidneys to the unhealthy people. In a republic that cannot happen. In a republic, the law is that your kidneys are yours and the majority cannot take your kidneys and kill you by majority rule. Every single immigrant is a potential voter that may vote your rights away.

In It is not the Supreme Court – it is the Obscene Court of the United States I explained how the court has ruled that black people where not human and could, therefore, be sold as property. The court has also ruled that babies are not human and, therefore, can be killed instead of allowing them to be born. This is very important for you gun rights people to understand.  If they are so sick in the head that they will rule that babies can be killed, how safe are your gun rights. If you are relying on the court to protect your rights, you do not have any.

In Fake News, Fake Government, & The Fake Economy I showed that the government misleading you and running up debt is destroying your future. Look at Venezuela, people there have been using guns to protect their food from looters. They kept their food from being stolen only to have it rot because of the power outage causing their freezers not to work. Yes, being shot can kill you, but so can starving. Gun rights are important, but the entire cable must stay strong, not just one strand.

My most recent article Uncle Scam’s Racism Sham and the Media’s Flim-Flam had a greater point than just the obvious one. Yes, you are being divided and conquered. Yes, thought control is very dangerous. However, a greater threat from the media and the government constantly telling us what to say, what to do, and how we should think is that it destroys truth. Destroying truth is like cutting the cable of our winch example as the tank is halfway up the ramp of our aircraft. It takes something dangerous and makes it extremely dangerous. Truth has been under attack for so long in this country that most people are afraid to acknowledge the attack. Even fewer people are willing to defend the truth.

The transgender issue is a perfect example. A person has male anatomy and male DNA.   However, they tell you they are a woman. The person’s anatomy is physical evidence that they are male and yet, our government may force you to ignore the physical evidence and force you to treat the man as a woman. The person’s DNA is scientific evidence that they are male and yet, our government may force you to ignore the scientific evidence and force you to treat the man as a woman. How can truth exist if they can force you to ignore physical evidence and scientific evidence and force you to say something you know is not true? This brings us back to the kidney analogy, how do they take your rights away to grant the man his rights? If the man thinks he has the right to call himself a woman, how does that give him the right to take away your right to believe he is not a woman? Rights are supposed to force the government to something, not let them decide if they will allow the rights. It is important to remember that anatomy has been all that is necessary to decide if you are a man or a woman for thousands of years. This has been true for billions and billions of people. Now it is the people that claim they do not know if they are a man or a woman that are saying billions and billions of people were wrong. Not knowing is knowing?

If our government is willing to force you to ignore physical evidence and scientific evidence, how safe are your gun rights? Look at the red flag laws. The government is going to take your guns away unless you can prove you are not a danger to the public. Considering that government ignores physical evidence and scientific evidence, what are you going to use as proof you are not a danger? Remember, truth no longer exists. If there is no truth, there is no proof, and then you have no gun rights.

For all of you who say you will use the guns you have to protect your right to keep them, you better think about that. Talk like that is what the government will say proves you should not have a firearm. If you are lucky, they will come take your guns away when you are at work and you will stay alive. If you are unlucky, they will break your door down and kill you and then take your guns. Frankly, I have always been irritated by Charlton Heston waving the firearm saying, “…from my cold dead fingers.” If the National Rifle Association and other gun owners are willing to compromise away their gun rights when it was still easy to protect them, why should I believe they will find the ambition to give their lives to protect their gun rights when it becomes hard? Talk is cheap, Charlton Hesston was rich and could afford the lawyers that would protect his guns from the gun grabbers. He was an actor, real rights protection requires real action, not acting.

There is still time, but not much time. If you care about your rights, you better start coming together and demanding truth. If the politicians are not telling the truth, do not vote for them, and tell them that’s why you are not voting for them. If the media is not telling the truth, do not give their advertisers your money, and do not give the media your time by listening to them. Tell them why you are keeping your time and your money. Be responsible, do not let your desire for some entertainment make you sacrifice your rights. Spend some of your money on organizations that protect your right to keep guns instead of just buying guns. Do not give your money to organizations that compromise. Tell them you are taking your money somewhere else. Remember, compromise is giving up your rights slowly until the cable becomes so weak that it breaks and then you have no rights.

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